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NVR - School of Non Violent Resistance

Prof. Haim Omer
The Idea of "Parental Authority Rehabilitation" received much resonance amongst parents and professionals. Since the appearance of this fundamental text, our knowledge on reinforcing teachers and parents had grown immensely. Parental authority rehabilitation was transmitted into a methodical model of working with parents and its efficacy was tested time and time again in academic research.

A set of essential tools, deriving from the original idea, are being used in order to amplify its implementation potential: A method of escalation prevention; detailed parental resistance tools for violence and risky behaviors; a systematic differentiation between positive and forceful parental authority; a parallel working model specified for schools and teachers set to improve the parent-teacher alliance; a set of unique programs tailored for children with ADHD, school refusal behaviors, anxiety and withdrawal or new populations such as dependent and demanding young adults; the construction of a normative model for parental supervision used in routine and special situations (such as misuse of the home computer); and, just recently, a model for parental intervention in young adults' driving which proved to have a significant positive effect.

These new tools and developments, combined with the inability of therapists, parents and teachers to acquire them in a practical and comprehensive fashion, motivated the founding of this school.

The demand for a Non Violent Resistance School rose many years ago. As the approach spread out across Europe, we have experienced a growing desire from parents and educators to study and delve into it. Many training seminars were conducted by us in Israel and abroad, providing our staff with a deeper understanding of the learning process and inspiring new ideas.

The opening of the Non Violent Resistance and New Authority School (by Irit Schorr Sapir and myself) here in Israel, is a significant landmark in my professional path. I take much pride in this journey. I was once the sole presenter of these ideas, and now the head of a diverse and experienced teaching staff, capable not only of instilling these ideas in the best possible way, but also of providing a practicum for those who wish to make them central tools in their therapeutic and educational work.

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Haim Omer.

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