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NVR - School of Non Violent Resistance

Haim Omer Haim Omer
Haim Omer is internationally renowned as the originator and developer of the New Authority paradigm. During his 40 years career as psychotherapist, academic researcher and teacher, he has published over seventy articles and book chapters on topics such as the therapeutic impact as a non-specific factor in psychotherapy; the empathic narrative in psychotherapy; the psychology of demonization; parental presence; non-violent resistance in families, schools and communities; the new authority; training parents of children with acute behavior problems in non-violent resistance; training parents of dependent young adults in non-violent resistance; the dependence trap: a systemic concept for families with dependent young adults; and the anchoring function as a bridge between authority and attachment.

His areas of activity include Short-term psychotherapy, parental counseling, systemic interventions in families, schools and communities. The concepts and methods of parental presence, non-violent resistance and the new authority are being implemented by therapeutic teams and treatment centers in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Denmark and Sweden. Controlled studies on these methods have been published in leading journals.

In 2011 Prof. Omer founded (together with Irit Schorr-Sapir), the school of nonviolent resistance, which considered the official place of learning the NVR and new authority approach.

Haim Omer is tenured professor of Psychology at Tel Aviv University.

Irit Schorr-Sapir Irit Schorr-Sapir
Dr. Irit Schorr-Sapir is a clinical psychologist. She is the director and co-founder (with prof. Haim Omer) of the "NVR & New Authority School" of Israel. She is also the director of the ADHD clinic and the ADHD Center , in Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel. During the past 20 years she has contributed to the development of the New Authority and Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) approach. She developed therapeutic applications of NVR, including intervention manuals for ADHD ; violence between siblings; school refusal; parent-teacher alliance building, and New Authority in schools. Irit is a senior supervisor and trainer in the NVR and NA approach in Israel and worldwide. Irit is also a lecturer in the Department of Psychology in Tel Aviv University.
Iris Shachar Lavie Iris Shachar Lavie
Dr. Iris Shachar Lavie is a psychologist working in the department of child and adolescent psychiatry in Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel. She is studying the impact of internet use on children and adolescents; more specifically, exploring the opportunities and risks of computer meditated communication for socially anxious adolescents. She has been a member of the Israeli parent’s counselling unit for the past 5 years, and assisted in the development of the “Vigilant Care” concept as part of Prof. Omers’ New Authority model. Iris has formulated a model of “Vigilant Care” specifically targeted at children’s internet use, as well as an intervention program for parents’ whose children exhibit computer over-use (otherwise known as internet addiction).
Dan Dolberger Dan Dolberger
Dan is a psychologist and family and couple therapist specializing in NVR-oriented systemic interventions, with particular emphasis on AED (Adult Entitled Dependence), resistance to family violence and crisis interventions. Dan manages the NVR Intervention Centre, a private counseling center for parents of adults suffering from AED, behavior and anxiety problems which he co-founded together with Professor Haim Omer. He has developed and published, together with Professor Omer and the center team, an NVR-based intervention model for such conditions. Dan is founder of an international forum of NVR practitioners and a team member of the School of Non Violent Resistance. In the past, Dan has held various journalistic positions, as well as senior business development, marketing and entrepreneurship positions in Israel’s High Tech industry. Dan holds an MA degree in Social Psychology from the Tel Aviv University.
Ifat Levavi Ifat Levavi
Dr. Ifat Lavi-Levavi is a psychologist working in the department of child and adolescent psychiatry in Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel . Her doctoral dissertation, under the supervision of Prof. H. Omer, investigated the effects of the Non Violent Resistance therapy (NVR) on parent- child escalation processes. She was the deputy head of the parent counseling unit in the Schneider hospital. She led NVR trainings for phone supporters and for therapists from different countries, and developed adaptations of NVR for different areas, such as eating disorders, diabetes, managers and organizational counseling.
Na'ama Gershy Na'ama Gershy
Dr. Naama Gershy is a psychologist, working in Yale University, US. Candidate in Clinical Psychology at Long Island University, NY. She specializes in psychotherapy research, emotion regulation processes and the parental capacity to use mentalization. Naama is currently working on a study that examines the influence of mindfulness intervention on parents training in NVR. Her study was conducted at the ADHD-NVR clinic at Schneider Children Hospital in Israel. Naama obtained her Master degree in clinical psychology form Tel Aviv University. Her master dissertation, supervised by Professor Haim Omer, focused on the role of fathers in parents training and the results of her study helped to establish a protocol for fathers’ recruitment. Naama has wide clinical experience in working with parents and children in inpatients and outpatients settings in Israel and the US.
Tal Fisher Tal Fisher
Tal Fisher, Clinical psychologist (M.A., Tel-Aviv Universlty), and a certified group facilitator. Tal is part of the NVRSchool team, lead by Prof. Omer and Dr. Schorr-Sapir, teaching NVR to psychotherapists and educators in Israel and abroad. He is the Assistant Unit Manager at the ADHD clinic at Schneider's Children Hospital, Israel. Tal's thesis dealt with Routine Vigilant Care (RVC), and served as the basis of a chapter in Prof. Omer's book about vigilant care. Tal previously worked at the educational-psychological services in Tel-Aviv Municipality. He holds a private clinic in Tel-Aviv for adults, adolescents and parents, and gives lectures at schools for parents and educators.
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