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NVR - School of Non Violent Resistance


The International Training Program in Non Violent Resistance and New Authority, is a systematic, authoritative introduction to the world of NVR.

Since its inception 15 years ago as an innovative family therapy approach to parental authority crisis, Haim Omer's Non Violent Resistance Psychology and New Authority approach have grown to cover an entire range of specialized intervention approaches in areas such as severe problem behaviors, anxiety disorders, school interventions, ADHD, organic family or foster/residential care relations, community-driven law enforcement, computer addiction in children, management of Asperger syndrome patients, entitled dependence in adults, and diabetic children.

In the last few years Prof. Omer and his team established an international training program in Non Violent Resistance and New Authority in Israel.

training is divided into two learning modules: Basic Training (4 days) and Advanced Training (3 days). The trainings are consecutive, so participants may choose to attend either module, or both in continuation (7 days).

The Basic Course introduces NVR's core theoretical notions of the Anchor Function and parent-as-anchor, as well as covers NVR’s fundamental practice modules - the Announcement, the Sit-In, Support Network Consolidation and Reparation. It lays the foundation for NVR and New Authority practice in any of the numerous fields of application. On the fourth day of the basic training, participants are offered a special questions and answers session with Professor Omer.

The Advanced Course introduces the cutting edge of NVR’s specific application range under four main themes: Anxiety, School , Vigilant Care, and entitled dependence in adults.

Both training modules place strong emphasis on practice, with 7-9 practice workshop hours in the Basic Module and 4-5 in the Advanced. Each practice module is usually preceded by a frontal lecture. Practice sessions are conducted in small groups, each led by an experienced trainer.

The training staff are all experienced NVR practitioners, many of them are Haim Omer's research students and all were clinically supervised by him.

Target Audience
This training program is meant for professionals with practical experience in one of more of the following:

  • Child or Adult Psychotherapy
  • Child or Adult Psychiatry
  • Parental Coaching or Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Social Work or Pedagogy
  • Educational psychology, counseling, or school teaching

International Training

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